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Advantages to Mediation

Many people choose mediation over the adversarial process for their divorce, custody or family law matter. Here's why...

Low Cost
Mediating a divorce, custody, or other family law San Francisco Divorce Mediation Divorce Attorney Mediator San Francisco Custody Mediation lawyer Marin issue is generally far less costly than using the adversarial system with a divorce lawyer.

Time Efficient
Mediating a family law matter is generally San Francisco Divorce Mediation Divorce Attorney San Franciscomuch faster than taking a case through pre-trial and trial. The numberof sessions required for a successful mediation depends on the number and complexity of the issues.

In mediation, the parties retain control (albeit shared) over the final result. Sign Post San Francisco Divorce Mediation Divorce Attorney San FranciscoIn litigation, by contrast, the parties relinquish control to the lawyers and the judge.

The mediation process is confidential. A successful mediation reduces the need for the parties to file adversarial pleadings in the public file or make allegations against each other in open court.Confidential San Francisco Divorce Mediation Divorce Attorney San Francisco

Many people find mediation a much morePlant Two San Francisco Divorce Mediation Divorce Attorney San Francisco dignified approach to resolving conflict because both parties have made a commitment to try to resolve their dispute.

Good for Kids
San Francisco Divorce Mediation Divorce Attorney San FranciscoA long and drawn-out custody battle can negatively impact kids. Children can benefit when parents resolve their differences in a cooperative manner in mediation.

Animosity? Ok
Mediation is San Francisco Divorce Mediation Plant 3 Divorce Lawyerdesigned to reduce conflict. Do not assume that you are not a candidate for mediation because you are not currently communicating positively with the other party.

Your Schedule
Calendar San Francisco Divorce Mediation Divorce Attorney San FranciscoMediation sessions are set on the parties' schedules, not the court's busy calendar.

Sawyer Mediation Logo San Francisco Divorce Mediation Divorce Attorney San Franciscoprovides a safe and respectful forum for the parties in which to reduce conflict and resolve disputes.

At Sawyer Mediation, we value impartiality above all. Neutral San Francisco Divorce Mediation Divorce Attorney San FranciscoWe have no bias toward men or women, mothers or fathers, or anything else. We do not favor any particular parenting plan or method for dividing assets.

Attorneys Allowed
Lawyers San Francisco Divorce Lawyer Mediator Custody Attorney MediationYou can mediate with or without independent counsel. Counsel can come to the session or advise you elsewhere.

Custom Sessions
Mediation can be used for your entire divorce, custody, or support matter.Single Lead for San Francisco Mediator Alternatively, you can choose to only mediate a limited issue of any size

One Stop Shop
In most cases, Sawyer Mediation can assist the parties in completing the necessary paperwork to begin and conclude their case.
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Separate Rooms
It is not uncommon for parties to conduct San Francisco Divorce Mediation Separate Rooms Divorce Lawyer San Francisco Divorce Attorneyan entire mediation from separate rooms. If you feel this is necessary in your case, please let us know.

Parties who resolve their matter in mediation often return to mediation for a safe and familiar environment in which to resolve any issues that arise in the future.

Chris Sawyer
Chris Sawyer is an Attorney / Mediator and the owner/principal of Sawyer Mediation. Chris provides mediation services exclusively in Family Law matters including Divorce, Custody, Support, Premarital Agreement, and Domestic Partnership Mediations.

Prior to founding Sawyer Mediation, Chris practiced at some of the most prestigious family law firms in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. Chris now brings extensive courtroom and litigation experience to his mediation practice and handles both small actions and complex family law matters involving the valuation and division of businesses, stock options and deferred compensation, support, and high-conflict custody matters.

Larissa Chernock
Larissa has a passion for using mediation to resolve family conflicts and transitions. Larissa joined Sawyer Mediation in 2012 and serves as mediator for divorce and domestic partnership dissolutions, marital and premarital agreements, and other family law issues.

Larissa graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with an award for excellence in her study of Ancient Greek and her commitment to public service. Larissa graduated cum laude from Georgetown University Law Center with an award for Outstanding Domestic Violence Clinic Participant and a Dean’s Certificate in recognition of special and outstanding service to the law center community.

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